Biomimetics in Kailua-Kona, HI

The Future of Restorative Dentistry

Traditional dentistry methods focus on the strength of the dental restoration, but attention is rarely placed on the function and biomechanics of the restored tooth. With biomimetic dentistry, bonded restorations function and behave biomimetically and preserve natural teeth. 

The dental office of Dr. Frederic Gaeta, one of the best dentists in Kailua-Kona, HI, provides a biomimetic approach to restorative dentistry. Learn more about this innovative approach and how you may benefit. We’ve helped countless patients in Kalaoa, Haluaoa, and Kukio naturally restore their beautiful smiles. 

digital image of composite fillings in teethWhat Is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry means copying life-like structures. When restoring damaged, broken, and decayed teeth, the goal is to return them to their original strength, function, and esthetics. Biomimetic dentistry accomplishes this in a conservative, strong, and attractive approach. Therefore, early diagnosis combined with minimally invasive techniques offers superior quality and ultra-conservative dental care.

Biomimetics vs. Traditional Restorative Dentistry

In traditional dentistry techniques, dental restorations replace natural tooth structures for prosthetic solutions. These methods can be costly, especially when replacing more than one tooth. 

With biomimetics, the tooth’s remaining structure is the key to restoration, making treatments more cost-effective. Dr. Gaeta only removes dental damage and decay from the tooth, bonding the final restoration to the remaining tooth structure. These bonded restorations function and behave biomimetically and preserve the natural teeth. 

Benefits of Biomimetic Dentistry

There are several advantages to biomimetic dentistry, such as:

  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Preservation of tooth structures
  • Cost-effective techniques
  • Enhanced smile aesthetics
  • Use of safe, non-toxic materials 

Biomimetic Dentistry Treatments

Biomimetic restorations include stress-reduced direct composites that restore the biomechanics of broken and damaged teeth. Silver (amalgam) and other metal-based materials may offer enhanced strength, but they harm the aesthetic of your smile and can break down and stain your teeth and gums over time. 

dentist showing patient composite dental bridges

Our Kailua-Kona dentist proudly uses biomimetic techniques and materials for treatments such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is biomimetic dentistry safe?
How long do biomimetic restorations last?
Do biomimetic procedures take longer to perform?
Is biomimetic dentistry more expensive than traditional dentistry?
Is biomimetic dentistry safe?

Yes, biomimetic dentistry treatments are completely safe. The goal of biomimetics is to preserve the tooth’s natural structure during restoration, so dentists will actively prevent further damage to the remaining tooth. Because biomimetic restorations utilize non-toxic materials like composite resin, you can rest assured your restored smile is safe from harm. 

How long do biomimetic restorations last?

Biomimetic dental restorations last as long as traditional restorations — sometimes even longer with proper care and maintenance. You can get the most out of your biomimetic restoration by practicing good oral hygiene, such as daily brushing and flossing. Routine dental visits can also help keep your oral health in prime condition.

Do biomimetic procedures take longer to perform?

Biomimetic treatments don’t take any longer than traditional dental procedures. Biomimetics can be more efficient than traditional treatments and, depending on your dentist’s in-office technology, can be performed in just one appointment. In the long run, you may save time and money with biomimetic dental restorations.

Is biomimetic dentistry more expensive than traditional dentistry?

Biomimetic dental treatments tend to be less expensive than traditional dental procedures. Biological dentists use less invasive techniques and tend to be more conservative with the natural tooth structure, saving money in the long run. Because biomimetic restorations can often be placed in one visit, individuals can save time and money on follow-up appointments.

Experience the Biomimetic Dental Difference With Dr. Gaeta

You deserve a restoration that’ll last for years to come and won’t damage the integrity or appearance of your smile. Dr. Gaeta has the skills and tools to safely place natural-looking and acting dental restoration you’ll be proud to show off. With biomimetics, the future of dentistry is in your hands. 

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