Treatment Options

Sedation Dentistry

Do you feel nervous or stressed about your upcoming dental treatment? You are not alone In fact, almost 30 percent of the population experiences "dental phobia" when visiting the dentist. Thanks to advances in technology we offer a way for our patients to receive treatment that is safe and comfortable; it's called Sedation Dentistry. Sedation dentistry uses safe, effective sedatives to relax patients before dental procedures...


Say goodbye to everything you thought you knew about dental restorations, and say hello to CEREC. CEREC is the most preferred CAD/CAM technology used by dentists everywhere. In just one office visit you can have your teeth fully restored and looking like new. CEREC treatments do not use amalgam, gold, or any other metal products; instead CEREC uses a ceramic, tooth colored material that helps restore your teeth back to their natural look and composition...

PolaOffice Tooth Whitening System

A  simple in-office system. Pola Office uses a 35% hydrogen peroxide formula to give you quick and efficient results.  Minimal chair time required – whiter teeth are achieved in just 30 minutes. Pola office’s unique desensitizing properties inhibit patient post-operative sensitivity. Polla Office contains potassium nitrate, a known desensitizing agent. It acts on the nerve endings by blocking transmission of sensitive nerve impulses and providing a calming effect. No light is required to accomplish effective results, however any heat emitting curing light will accelerate the bleaching process to achieve results in just 30 minutes. 


The LaserSmile whitening procedure is simple and hassle-free. In just one visit to your dentist's office, you can sit back, relax, and walk out with the whitest, brightest smile in as little as 30 minutes!

  1. Gingival protection is placed to protect your gums
  2. LaserSmile gel is professionally applied.
  3. Gel is laser-activated in 15-second intervals and repeated as necessary.
  4. Gel is rinsed off and gum protection is removed. You are now ready to show off your Laser White Smile!

The LaserSmile uses the latest, most advanced state-of-the-art TCIA (Target Chromophore In-phase Accelerated-activation) whitening technology. Utilizing the laser's unique monochromatic characteristics, along with a proprietary wavelength-specific photon activated gel, the LaserSmile system provides gentle, safe, fast and effective whitening for you in just one office visit!

Crest® Whitestrips® Supreme

The #1-recommended brand of whitening system among US dental professionals. Crest Whitestrips Supreme provides custom tray-level whitening with 14% hydrogen peroxide—the highest concentration available in a professionally dispensed take-home whitening product. Crest Whitestrips Supreme was shown to provide the greatest reduction in yellowness vs professionally administered whitening systems.

  • No dental impressions required
  • Strips are ready-made so can be used right away
  • Strips are portable enough to be used anywhere, at any time during the day
  • Strips have gel already added to them so they deliver a consistent, controlled dose each time